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Full art Playmats



For the past two years, ever since I debuted my first ever elemental dragon “Bringer of Storms” I have been asked the question “do you have this as a playmat” at the various comic conventions I exhibit at. And for two years the answer has always been no. I would tell people who asked, the artwork is vertical, it cannot fit on a horizontal playmat without doing a ton of work extending the art to fit.

Well, after two years of getting these questions I have decided to take the time and turn my elemental dragons into full art playmats and launch the campaign via kickstarter! I am still in the planning stages of the kickstarter, so some things will certainly change as I begin working on the nitty gritty of designing it and setting up all of the reward tiers. Here is what I know, the initial campaign will feature 3 elemental dragons to choose from to start. Additional playmat options will be available via stretch goals. When a stretch goal is met backers will be able to vote for which dragon they would like to see added as a playmat option. If all stretch goals are met, then I will make available playmat versions of every elemental dragon.

What i can also tell you is there will be an early bird special offering a discounted rate for a mat along with some additional goodies.

Here are the finished designs for the the main mats for the campagin

bringer of storms.jpg
of fire and stone.jpg
king of winter.jpg

I will be updating this page here with more info as the kickstarter approaches. I am not sure on a launch date yet, but I can tell you that I am aiming to have everything ready to go by the end of June.

If you would like to keep up with all of the news, see what the rest of the mat designs will look like, and sneak peaks to the reward tiers I have made a Facebook page Just for the kickstarter. To see all of the updates and info on the campaign you can sign up to the page here If you just want to know the important stuff, like when the kickstarter launches, all of that info will be sent out to my mailing list which you can subscribe to below.